Wake Up! Time to Meander

“Wake Up! Time to die!” -Leon(Bladerunner)

Whelp, the site is back up again after a long-ish hiatus. It’s still WordPress, but running on a Docker image running on a Raspberry Pi. ‘Meander’ started out being hosted on 1&1 when I had some side gigs that needed hosting. But when those efforts died down, I moved things over the free tier of AWS. Primarily as a way to get some ‘free’ hosting as well as to get some more belated hands on ‘cloud’ experience. When that ran out, I just let it go.

I was looking for an easy project that had a clear goal and might clear off some cobwebs and get me a little more ‘geek cred’ again. I had been given some grief from my wife to clean up and get rid of some old legacy hardware lying around. But just getting those ancient towers up and running again to clean them out seemed like more effort that I was willing to give. I needed something easier to get me out of my rut. Combined with having to ‘share’ our family laptop(which was also running out of storage space), what was something I could give a few cycles have something to show for it and still be able to make progress on all fronts?

Getting a lightweight ‘server’ running at home seemed like a reasonable thing to try, right? It’s running now, and I could probably call it a success and call it a day. But why have a blog if you’re not going to post a little bit? Besides it’s a good way to reflect every once in a while.