Muir Woods Hike

Back way in… got totally lost and didn’t hike any of the route we wanted, but still a great day.

Road Trip to Yosemite Part 2

Another slow start… Didn’t leave the place until after noon.   It was our last day and had to clean up after ourselves.  Too bad, should have spent more time there!

But we did get into the valley and did a quick walk to Bridal Veil and then over to do Yosemite falls.  It was awesome!   Wish we had more time to be able to do a more complete hike.  Will have to save it for next time!

Road trip to Yosemite Part 1- Mariposa Grove

Like all trips, planning was ambitious.  We wanted to leave early and grab a bunch of things on our way south.  It largely went to plan, but probably more pain than necessary.

First, leaving work at all was difficult.  After a week of iOS training, I wanted to get a feature launched or dark launched before the weekend. But even after much scrambling, we just had to call it off.  But it did mean the original plan to leave the South Bay was delayed.  Did manage to pick everyone up, swing by to pick up boerewors sausage and get groceries in Gilroy and make it to the AirBnB by 10.  Late, but was a pretty awesome pad.  Hung out and chilled for a few hours before calling it a night.

Next morning, I woke up ridiculously early as usual and proceeded to make breakfast for everyone.   Annoyed the poor guy sleeping in the living room closest to the kitchen a little bit, but it was worth it to wake everyone up with actual food.  Marshmallow French Toast with bacon!   Delicious.   Was also able to pack up lunch for everyone.

Getting out the door was a bit rough.  Unfortunately with only a single car, it meant everyone had to be ready at the same time.  Never easy… But we did get out the door a little after noon on and make it to Mariposa Grove for a bit of a hike.  It was a short hike 2.5miles… We figured we’d be done in an hour or so…

But snow!  And pictures!   So the hike took a lot longer than planned.  But it was a ton of fun!

But by the time we made it into the valley, the Visitor’s Centre was closed.  They were still kind enough to open the door to let me stamp my passport.

Back to Oakhurst to pick up groceries for dinner and lunch the next day.   Group dinner of Rack of Lamb and roast veggies!  Delicious…  Then hot tub and smores.  It was an amazing night!