Secure Meandering

Well, not really secure.  I did want to post some more things about getting Raspberry PI up and running.  But that ended up being fairly hard to do when you wanted your only Pi up and running.  I did make it pretty useful – mostly a network server and the docker host running this blog.

I recently started using Obsidian and wanted to try to set up my own github repo – but – not over https this time, but over https.  What did that mean?  Secure Meadering! aka https on meander!

Looking into the Google Domains guild to enabling https on your domain took me to Letsencrypt:

If your web host doesn’t offer HTTPS security, you can obtain an SSL/TLS certificate for your domain from a CA. [Let’s Encrypt]( is a CA that provides certificates in the interest of creating a safer Internet.

Reading up on some docker configurations like this one from zactyh 📄, I was reminded of ‘good’ containerized architecture. Leave each module as small and focused as possible.  But my wordpress instance was running double duty – handling requests and serving up wordpress.


First System Diagram.excalidraw

nginx System Diagram.excalidraw


Proof of Concept

– Play with nginx image to serve content somewhere other than my machine
– Get a cert and serve up content via https
– Proxy content to existing wordpress instance


– Repackage nginx image with my config
– Update docker compose to use new nginx image
– Run image on Raspberry Pi

Cleanup and follow up

– Lock down ports
– set up redirect

Let’s see how all this goes!


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