Day 61 – Fundy National Park

Woke up relatively early to a clear day.  Not much activity when I started, but by the time I was ready go go, everyone around me was cooking bacon and eggs.   Made me so hungry…

On the road back out to the main highway, I got passed multiple times on the double solid yellow.  I guess my very mellow morning pace at or just above the posted limit of 60 was no where near fast enough.  Mostly pickups – not really sure where they were in rush off to…

Grabbed a pic at The Source:

And another one by the park sign:

And then I was on my way.   The plan was to take the long way around – 126 to 116 before getting to Fundy, but missed the 116 turnoff and just kept going.  Found a few cars to follow, which made going well above the speed limit easier.  Gas light came on and I pulled over in Salisbury to fill up and bumped into an old Fireblade rider.   We talked for a bit and he let me know that in NB, it’s over 40kph over posted that they’re likely to charge you with stunting/racing and take away your license.  Good fact to know!

I went in to use the washroom, but seeing the people eat broke me and I stopped for breakfast.


Getting into Fundy National Park wasn’t too bad after that.

Little windy path along the river, but nothing serious.  Got my stamp and was recommended to go to Pointe Wolfe for  a camp site and the possibility of a fire that night.

Wandered down to take one of the shorter hikes – to the old copper mine.  Bumped into a couple who were on the first camping trip with their 7month old.   First camping trip ever!   Reminds me of my first trip to Manning Park.  From what I remember and what I’ve been told, it was a lot of tripping in the rain and crying before cutting the trip short and going home.  Far cry from this little guy’s first experience.   Bouncing along in a baby backpack and parents singing to keep him quiet.  He did like staring at me tho’ –  made taking a family picture for them a little easier.

I picked up my bag of firewood on my way back to camp and prepped the fire pit.   Few people dropped by to chat while I did this.  Definitely telling my story more often now, but still not really sure what to say.  Fortunately, my experience has been epic enough that it’s usually not too difficult to tie into their trip or their home town.

Worst thing was, everyone who came by was curious as to what I’d be doing about the rain – which was due overnight/morning.  Bleh.  After prepping things for the evening – chopping some kindling and packing up the bags so things wouldn’t get wet, I went back out for another short hike.

Covered Bridge that I got to ride through!

The path itself wasn’t too bad.  More polish – more posted signs about trees and wildlife.  Made me want to see a marmot and some flying squirrels, but no such luck.   It’s possible the squirrels I did see were the right ones, but I didn’t get to see any flying.

Another sign about lichen made me think about a trip way back when with my cousins to Well’s Grey.  Boardwalk and stairs made me think about carrying a can of pepsi all the way down to Long Beach, only to drop it at the very end.  Crazy what the memory brings back.

With everything prepped, it was rather nice to get the fire going.  I even spent a bunch of time to roast some canned luncheon meat.  Some mild entertainment while I did some reading on the kindle in my camp chair.


A second solid night in the Canadian Parks system!


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2 thoughts on “Day 61 – Fundy National Park

  1. Reminds me of my first trip to Manning Park. From what I remember and what I’ve been told, it was a lot of tripping in the rain and crying before cutting the trip short and going home.

    that was last year right?

    • Last year’s crying was done on the way down the 101 to Cali. Surprised you caught the tears through the rain…

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